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I can honestly say that you are a talented author with much to offer the reading public. Your characters are captivating & your knowledge of sailing & what you write about is right on it. In my humble opinion, you are in the caliber of Dorsey & Hiaasen when it comes to South Florida crime drama. The action was fast paced, the characters well developed & it kept my interest peaked, I truly could not put it down & read it late into the morning hours. The Conch Killers was really a good read & I enjoyed it immensely.  I would highly recommend this book to anybody that wants escape from the doldrums of everyday life & probably will. I am anticipating Chip's next addition to the crime drama genre, I am positive it will be another page turner. Thanks Chip & good luck with this & your next novel, I've become a fan.

Don Wilkerson
Co-Manager, Books-A-Million
Oxford, Alabama

When you read 'Conch Killers' you don't want it to end. The characters in the book are amusing, questionable, and mysterious.  You can laugh out loud at some of the happenings, set on the edge of your chair at times, and enjoy the moments in the Keys at other times.  It is a book full of enjoyment.  Can't wait for the next thriller.

Charlotte Lamb
LaGrange, Georgia

Chip Giles first novel is both colorful and fun. This was a fairly short and enjoyable comedic thriller. What he has tried to do with this novel and its layout is to emulate the very talented Tim Dorsey. He does a fine job with this but still has a few rough edges which I expect from a new author. If there is any one author I like to see someone follow in the footsteps of it would be Dorsey.
Tad and Ramon, Giles protagonists, are sort of a layed back Serge and Coleman from the Dorsey novels, Ramon leaning more towards the Serge character. I felt I didn't get to know the characters well enough in this novel to appreciate them as well as I should have. I see a lot of potential in this author and look forward to seeing what his duo will be up to next time. A good first effort.

Konrad Kern
OFallon, MO
Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

As I get further behind in my reading, I find myself saying "no" to more book offers than I used to. It takes a bit more to break through my "I'd like to, but..." now. But I'm a sucker for a good Florida crime genre novel, especially if it has a touch of Dorsey or Hiaasen in it. When Chip Giles mentioned those two names in his email to offer me The Conch Killers, I had to relent and say yes to a copy. And it was worth the read... Tad Hunter and Ramon Garcia are two humorous additions to the wacky characters that make up the Florida literary landscape, and Giles could turn out to be a writer that I enjoy reading on a regular basis.

In Conch Killers, Hunter and Garcia are two ex-military drifters who live for sailing. They've gotten out of "the life", which means they are no longer doing jobs for shadowy characters that skirt the boundaries of the law. But they are drawn back when they are offered a large payout for a "simple" job... deliver a package in exchange for a kidnap victim, and bring the victim back to her family. But of course, nothing is simple in the Florida Keys, and the job turns into a full-fledged mission with terrorists, guns, and dead bodies. Along the way, there are luxury sailboats, obnoxious owners, people who aren't who they seem to be, and enough craziness to keep everyone confused and amused...

Giles has done a good job for a first novel. Hunter and Garcia are a good character mix, with Hunter playing the semi-rational partner to Garcia's off-the-wall (and sometimes deadly) antics. Given the type of characters they are, the dialog works well. It's not how you'd talk or carry on every day yourself, but it fits the personalities. The only major knock I have on the book is a situation that many self-published authors fall into... the lack of a solid editor to clean up the book. It wasn't so much the story that needed help as the grammar and word usage. I expect most books to have an incorrect word or two, such as their vs. there or bear vs. bare. But The Conch Killers has far too many. When I encountered the first one, I just let it go. The second one about ten pages later gave me pause. But when it got to be one every five pages or so, it really started to bug me. Most of these could have been caught with a single reading by a relatively careful reader. It's too bad, as it otherwise mars what would be a really good first novel.

Giles is in the process of writing his next novel, and I would look forward to reading it. The Conch Killers was a nice diversion to the Florida Keys, and I hope Giles continues to flesh out Hunter and Garcia, and add to their list of adventures.

Thomas Duff
Portland, Oregon
Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

I was captivated from the beginning. The author draws you into the story line from the start! Chip Giles keeps you wondering....a thriller! I enjoyed the mixture of suspense and romance!

Robin Cole
LaGrange, Georgia

Being from Florida, my family thought I'd enjoy a book set in our home state. We found this book by accident, when we went to a bookstore where the author was having a book signing. From the opening paragraphs (where you'll find out what I meant in the title of my review!) you'll be caught like a marlin on a gaff hook! This book has all the ingredients to keep you captivated and turning the pages as fast as your eyes can scan them: Beaches, sunshine, kidnapping, murder, beer, tequila, and women of questionable morals!

If you're into sailing, you'll love the detailed descriptions of the boats in this book. The author's bio indicates that he's an avid sailor, and this shows in how he writes about the various sailing craft throughout the book. After finishing the book, I was just about ready to go buy a sailboat and take off for Bimini by way of Key West! Unfortunately, reality set in and I didn't, so I'm going to have to live vicariously through this book and any sequels that might be forthcoming.

I hope that Chip doesn't take too long to write a sequel. I loved the interaction between the main protagonists, and would love to read a lot more. I don't know if there will be 15+ sequels, but reading this book I kind of got the feeling that Chip could have another Stephanie Plum type series here. All you'd need would be colorful characters, crazy scenarios, humor mixed with intrigue, and a wonderful writing style. This book has all that in spades!

Bill Glidden
LaGrange, Georgia

I just loved this book!! I can totally picture a movie being made from it, with Owen Wilson as Tad. . . Chip had me laughing the whole way through--I would love to see a sequel as well!

Kimberly Houser, LaGrange, Georgia

The book this week was ‘The Conch Killers’ by Chip Giles. 
Great book.

Doug Bennett, Key West, Florida

I am in the middle of reading the 2nd book in the trilogy by Stieg Larsson so my plan was to read yours next.  But I thought I would just look at the first page.  OK so then the first chapter.  OK then....
Anyway, I can't put it down.  You didn't tell me it is so hilariously funny!  Since I didn't stop reading through dinner, I nearly choked a few times because I was laughing so hard!  That line about ebola caused a bit of broccoli to go hiding up behind my nose!
Just WHO are you and where have you been all this time? 
Have a great time on your travels, Kelly and Chip.  Enjoy yourselves and all of your new fans, me included.

BA (as in George Giani's girlfriend)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A month or so ago, I met you and your wife on a Sunday at The Fly Shop of Fort Lauderdale. You-all were headed to the Keys for some selling, sailing, fishing and fun.

Anyway, last weekend I picked my copy of The Conch Killer and promised to give it the obligatory 40 pages. I could't put it down. As a matter of fact I had to because I wanted something to look forward to the next day.

The character builds were as good as it gets, and they were all believable even though they were unbelievable. The ending tricked me, but I figured it would. Your writing is captivating - Hemingway-esque with a little Hiaasen humor, Stuart Woods' wordsmithing and a lot of MacDonald's inside Florida - all mixed together and the word pie came out perfect. 

I think you hit the jackpot. 

I can't think of anyone I know who wouldn't find The Conch Killer a great read.

Send me the next one you write - ASAP.

Best Always,

Skip Clement, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Co-author: “Fly Fishing The Florida Keys” (Amato 2005)
Co-author: “Fishing Everglades National Park” (due out in 2011)
Former Editor-in-Chief, Boat Trader.com's weekly print edition of South Florida Boating & Fishing
Former columnist, Nor’Easter Magazine 
Owner: www.fishandflyonly.com
Member: IGFA
Member: National Football League Alumni Association
University of North Carolina Life Member, General Alumni Association
Member: Friends of the Everglades


Hi, I had the liberty of meeting you and picking up your book earlier this year at a book signing in Seaside, Fl. I absolutely loved the book.  It was such a page turner! The twisted ending had me on edge. You mentioned that you were writing another book? I can't wait to read it!

Thanks Again,
William Fastabend
Lake Charles, LA


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