Sailing Stories of Yore

These are four accounts of sailing adventures we had back a few years ago. 
You need to read them in the order in which they were written.

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Sailing Stories

   The great Y2Key West sailing adventure The first big cruise! A comedy classic! The birth of the Valdez - The near-catastrophe in the Everglades.

   The Great Bahamas Cruising Extravaganza!  The epic saga of the first Gulf Stream Crossing! Stormy weather could not stop the Wild Hair.

   Bahamas Adventure II!  The 2002 cruise to Key West and the Bahamas.  Features the sinking of the Valdez.  The madness continues. Required reading for those who wish to cruise small boats in the Keys and the Bahamas.

   The Great Dry Tortugas Sailing Expedition The Wild Hair goes to Fort Jefferson and points West. Dismasting cannot stop the determined effort, fueled by blood, sweat and beer.


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